DH Epilogue Revisit: Kreacher, Get Me a Sandwich

On Episode 328 we discuss...→ Has time changed our feelings on the Epilogue?→ Is all really well?→ Cursed Child - wants vs. reality→ Do some people not deserve a “Nineteen Years Later?”→ Did “Cursed Child” ruin everything? Alison says no.→ Like father, like son - tea with Hagrid→ Head canon - Weasley family back to school hangout→ Ron and Hermione/Arthur and Molly Part 2?→ Lorrie’s “Harry Potter” and “To Kill a Mockingbird” connection→ Harry’s forgiveness = ALL the names→ Katy compares lines from “Harry Potter” and “Cursed Child”→ Is the book stronger for having the Epilogue?

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