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Lördagar Alohomora!: A Global Reread of Harry Potter

PoA 15 Revisit: Quidditch Is Life

av Alohomora!: A Global Reread of Harry Potter | Publicerades 9/12/2020

On episode 304 we discuss...

→ What was Buckbeak's favorite part of London?
→ Hermione at her breaking point... crying, slapping, quitting
→ Hermione's slap = SO GOOD... but, don't do that
→ Fowl or Foul? Ron helping with Buckbeak's appeal is precious
→ How does the Quidditch system even work??
→ Oliver legit sends his team to bed
→ "What a man... I love him"
→ Crookshanks and the "Grim" - blink and you miss it
→ Lee Jordan's commentary gives us life
→ "When you want to win, rules don't matter!"
→ Everyone's reactions when Gryffindor wins = golden
→ Which memory would guarantee a successful Patronus cast for you?

Om Podcasten

Alohomora! is an interactive and creative collaborative project between fans worldwide and MuggleNet staff. Join us as we re-read the entire series, spin wild theories, and share content all influenced by our love of Harry Potter.