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Lördagar Alohomora!: A Global Reread of Harry Potter

The Anthropology of Harry Potter, Part One - Wicked Fascinating

av Alohomora!: A Global Reread of Harry Potter | Publicerades 8/1/2020

On Episode 301 we discuss...

→ How has Potter shaped your own personal or social environment?
→ "The Harry Potter series is a massive lesson on the notion of death"
→ Which character deaths got send-offs and which didn't?
→ Life following loss
→ What kind of afterlife would you want in the Potter universe?
→ "I really do believe that Voldemort was a good leader"
→ So many daddy issues
→ A great political leader or a god?
→ The progression of propaganda
→ What should the new Ministry of Magic statue look like?
→ Which words/phrases from the series do you use in your everyday conversations?

Om Podcasten

Alohomora! is an interactive and creative collaborative project between fans worldwide and MuggleNet staff. Join us as we re-read the entire series, spin wild theories, and share content all influenced by our love of Harry Potter.