#92 Peter Castle - The Zen Trader: How Ancient Wisdom Can Help You Master Your Mind and the Markets.

Peter Castle started trading in 1995. Whilst going through the process of learning trading and listening to many of the great trainers and teachers of trading, he noticed how many of themes focused on lessons that had a spiritual component. He realised how trading the markets can push you to the edge of desperation, which then impacts you mentally and can lead you into downward spiral of negativity that manifests poor performance and eventually mental burn out.Peter started to incorporate some of the teaching of his learnings from Buddhism, into a mental process which helped him to cope better with demands placed on him as a trader. This was to have a hugely positive impact on how he managed himself in markets, how he processed information and how he made trading decisions. Peter has now shared his reflections on this journey in a new book ‘The Zen Trader: How Ancient Wisdom Can Help You Master Your Mind and the Markets’ You can find out more about Peter on his ‘easy share trading’ website: https://easysharetradingsystems.com.au/The book ZenTrader can be purchased on the Harriman-House website here:https://www.harriman-house.com/zentraderAlphaMind Podcast Sponsor: TradeStation GlobalTradeStation Global is a multi-asset trading platform with access to international markets. Trade Stocks, Forex, Futures and Micro e-Mini Futures from one account. Leverage professional-grade tools like RadarScreen®, The Matrix, and EasyLanguage® an intuitive coding language for traders.With TradeStation Global there are no hidden price spreads - just transparent, low commissions. Click here to find out more and open an account.TradeStation International Ltd, authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (“FCA”) in the United Kingdom, acts as an Introducing Broker to Interactive Brokers (U.K.) Ltd. The firm does not provide investment advice or trading recommendations. Investment and trading involve risks, including possible loss of principal. TradeStation®, EasyLanguage® and the other company trademarks in the TradeStation platform are owned by TradeStation Technologies, Inc., a technology research and development company affiliated with TradeStation International Ltd. At present, the TradeStation Global product is not available to EU residents.AlphaMind Podcast Sponsor:  The Society of Technical Analysts (The STA):The Society of Technical Analysts provide world beating technical analysis education programmes and offer outstanding membership services with regular talks and meetings. Their Home Study Course is based on the Diploma Programme they deliver to students at the London School of Economics and has been created by many of the leading minds in the field of technical analysis. Alphamind Podcast listeners can obtain a 10% discount on the Society of Technical Analysts world-beating Home Study Course at this link: bit.ly/3r3TawOAlphaMind Podcast: Podcast Website: bit.ly/3K6xx5F YouTube bit.ly/3J54QWx AlphaMind SociPowering Performance in Global Markets AlphaMind brings powerful change, growth and development to people and businesses within global markets. Driven by a deep understanding of how markets work, and how people and businesses function within them, we partner with clients to create personal performance improvements that elevate returns across their trading activities.Go to the AlphaMind website to know more.

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Mastering trading is not about mastering markets but mastering yourself. The AlphaMind Podcast focuses on the 'Trader Self'. We look at the person doing the trading, their interactions with the market, the impact the market has on them, and the skills, actions and activities needed to navigate their way through the complex and uncertain terrain of financial, commodity, energy and crypto markets.