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It's a Miserable Life

Determined to save a 200-year-old tree in their neighborhood, the girls start gathering signatures for a petition. But when the landowner where the tree is located wants it torn down, serial killer Rose strikes again. Will Frida Claxton be buried in a potter’s field? Will Rose ever get caught for her murder spree? Will Blanche really show off her orator skills in public? All of that and a special guest appearance from Melissa- @Mod_Mortician to talk all things death planning on today’s episode- It’s A Miserable Life!Today's Golden Goody is from @Mod_Mortician. Follow her on insta and TikTok for an education in death preparations, then buy some of her "Cremate the Patriarchy" swag!

Om Podcasten

Walking the listener through the synopsis of each Golden Girls episode, Alisha and her personal 'Coco' touch on the pop culture references, the 'oh boys' of jokes that didn't age well and 'plot whoopsies'. There will even be special guests to discuss the topics from the show, showing us why the Golden Girls are so beloved to this day.