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Take Him, He's Mine

When Dorthy has a date but Stan is desperate for support, she pawns her ex onto her bestie, Blanche. But when she and Stan hit it off, Dorthy is surprised at the number of emotions she starts to feel. Will Dorthy tell Blanche what’s really bothering her? Will Blanche accept her apology for her doo-doo behavior? Will Rose and Sophia lose their thumbs selling potato-based sandwiches? Let’s find out the answers in today’s episode- Take him, he’s mine.This week's Golden Goody comes from

Om Podcasten

Walking the listener through the synopsis of each Golden Girls episode, Alisha and her personal 'Coco' touch on the pop culture references, the 'oh boys' of jokes that didn't age well and 'plot whoopsies'. There will even be special guests to discuss the topics from the show, showing us why the Golden Girls are so beloved to this day.