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Future Sound of Egypt 620 with Aly & Fila

av Aly & Fila pres. Future Sound Of Egypt Radio | Publicerades 10/16/2019

Tune into Aly & Fila Pres. Future Sound of Egypt Radio Episode 620! New music from, Paul Thomas, Solis & Sean Truby, Alessandra Roncone, Philippe El Sisi, Sam Jones, Ferry Tayle & Clara Yates & many more! 01. Budakid - The End (Original Mix) [Exploited] 02. Eelke Klein feat. Ost - Lost Souls (Nicolas Masseyeff Remix) [DAYS like NIGHTS] 03. Airwave - When Things Go Wrong (Mir Omar Remix) [Bonzai] 04. Chicola - Who Needs Forever (Citizen Kain Remix) [Sincopat] 05. Angelov - Retrida (Original Mix) [Diynamic] 06. GMJ - Adena (Original Mix) [Tarnished Tracks] 07. Paul Thomas - Mr Owl (Original Mix) [UV] 08. Juliane Wolf - First Kiss (Luciano Scheffer Remix) [Wizarding Wolf Recordings] 09. Micah feat. Katty Heath - Disguised as Thieves (2019 floor version) [Ruhnsong] 10. Paul Deep - Melodramatic (Original Mix) [Sudbeat] 11. Sharam feat. Bengle - The Rain (New York Extended Mix) [Yoshitoshi Recordings] 12. Dylhen - Mobius (Original Mix) [FSOE Parallels] 13. Oliver Koletzki & Township Rebellion - The Arctic Voice (Original Mix) [Still For Talent] 14. Quench - Dreams (Umek Bootleg) [CDR] 15. Andrea Ribeca - Astral Key (Original Mix) [FSOE] 16. Shugz & Billy Gillies - The Journey (Original Mix) [Afterdark] 17. Aly & Fila with JES - I Won’t Let You Fall (Uplifting Mix) [FSOE] [WONDER OF THE WEEK] 18. Solis & Sean Truby - Until The Day (Original Mix) [Infrasonic] 19. Alessandra Roncone - Trust In Yourself (Original Mix) [FSOE] 20. Activa & John Dopping - It Never Ends (Original Mix) [Pure Trance] 21. Sneijder & Nick Callaghan - Marching Orders (Will Rees Extended Remix) [Afterdark] 22. Pathfinders - Lost Generation (Original Mix) [WAO138?!] 23. Philippe El Sisi & Miikka L - Bypass (Extended Mix) [FSOE] 24. Sam Jones - Can't You See (Extended Mix) [Skullduggery] 25. Ferry Tayle & Clara Yates - Find Your Paradise (Extended Mix) [Fables]

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