Aly & Fila pres. Future Sound Of Egypt Radio

Future Sound of Egypt 643 with Aly & Fila

av Aly & Fila pres. Future Sound Of Egypt Radio | Publicerades 4/1/2020

Tune into Aly & Fila Pres. Future Sound of Egypt Radio Episode 643 with new music from Aly & Fila, Craig Connelly, James Dymond, Jorn Van Deynhoven, The Noble Six, Lostly, Sector 7 & many more! 01. Jorn Van Deynhoven - Fiesta Del Sol (Album Mix) [Armada] 02. Nuera - Miracles (Extended Mix) [UV] 03. Kristian Nairn & Andretta - Arrow (Original Mix) [Parallels] 04. Slam Duck - Rush (Paul Sawyer Remix) [Pure Progressive] 05. Sunlounger & Susie Ledge - The Sun Will Rise Again (Gundamea Remix) [FSOE] 06. Tony Anderson - Immersion (Robert Nickson Remix) [Pure Trance] 07. Leroy Moreno & Waltin Jay - Till The Night Closes In (Original Mix) [Amsterdam Trance] 08. Aly & Fila - Remember When (Extended Mix) [FSOE] 09. Tastexperience - Tantrix (Johan Gielen Remix) [Blackhole] 10. Robert Nickson - Hello! (Extended Mix) [Pure Trance] 11. Cameron Mo - In The Bones (Extended Mix) [Perfecto] 12. James Dymond - Centrepoint (Extended Mix) [FSOE] [WONDER OF THE WEEK] 13. Nord Horizon - Final Destination (Original Mix) [Infra Pure] 14. Diago - Airless (Original Mix) [Alter Ego] 15. Fisical Project & Rysto - Butterfly Effect (Original Mix) [Always Alive] 16. Diago - Overfly (Original Mix) [Alter Ego] 17. Alex Di Stefano - Rolling Thunder (Original Mix) [VII] 18. The Noble Six - Rings Of Saturn (Original Mix) [Pure Trance] 19. Sector7 - Ashes (Extended Mix) [In Trance We Trust] 20. Lostly - Emty The Tanks (Extended Mix) [Outburst Records] 21. ID - ID [Blackhole] 22. Akretis - Believe In Us (Madwave Remix) [Joyride Recordings] 23. Factoria - Enlivened Frequencies (Original Mix) [Regenerate Records] 24. Akira Kayosa & Hugh Tolland - Re-Entry (Original Mix) [FSOE] 25. Magnus & Dominant Space - Mirage (Extended Mix) [Regenerate Records]

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Stream / Buy our brand new album 'It's All About The Melody' As hot as the Sahara and standing every bit as tall as the pyramids, Aly & Fila are one of the worlds most in demand Trance & Progressive artists. Tune into Future Sound of Egypt Radio - Every Wednesday, direct from Cairo.