AnchorMOMS: The Podcast, Episode 91

The AnchorMOMS just wrapped up vacays and, true to form, there was excitement, adventure…and puke…mixed in with some sleepless children.  Nothing says family vacation like a little exhaustion, are we right?  Also, some parents who are staunchly “pro-vax” are hesitant about the Covid Vaccine.  The Moms weigh in regarding getting their own kids vaccinated.  Also, letting your kids play with box cutters?  One writer says it’s worth the risk.  And perhaps one of the most shocking articles the AnchorMOMS have ever discussed.   There are Facebook groups and blogs dedicated to parents who say they regret having their kids.  It’s a head-scratcher and the Moms dive right in.  Find us on Apple Podcast, Spotify, iHeartRadio or wherever you get your podcasts. Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE, rate and review!Want more mommy talk? Click here to join our AnchorMoms Facebook group!AnchorMOMS: The Podcast is a product of WLOS News 13 of Asheville, N.C.  See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at

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From the newsroom to the nursery, follow two television news personalities as they juggle a demanding career with the demands of motherhood. Katie (traffic/news anchor) and Karen (investigative reporter) have shared pregnancies and pumping breaks and are now sharing the struggles and successes of being working moms. Join this trio as they cover national news stories that impact families while adding their perhaps unwarranted opinions and often embarrassing anecdotes.