Andy Cooney's NY Irish Music Hour

Andy Cooney's New York Irish Hour (9)

av Andy Cooney's NY Irish Music Hour | Publicerades 4/29/2021

Hi Friends, I really enjoyed putting together this episode of The New York Irish Hour. Some of the highlights are a tribute to Carmel Quinn who passed on March 6, 2021 & and the immortal Dermot O'Brien and a wonderful interview with Joanie Madden...Part 1:Derek Ryan, Andreas Durkin, Me!, Carmel Quinn (Tribute), Nathan CarterPart 2: Bernie Heaney, Alan Kelly, Mike Denver, Joanie Madden interview, Cherish the Ladies featuring Mattie Connolly, Sean Keane, Dermot O'BrienPart 3: Joe Dolan, Carl Corcoran

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Andy Cooney, Star of Carnegie Hall, dubbed by The New York Times as Irish America's Favorite Son, hosts an Irish Music show like no other...