How Angels Can Ensure Their Voice Is Heard with Nick Lyth @ Green Angels Syndicate

Nick Lyth is a founder at the Green Angels Syndicate, the only angel investment syndicate specialising in investments to benefit the green economy. As for Nick, prior to Green Angels, Nick has spent over ten years building up a new applied research institute in the eco and environmental arena, with the international status to attract innovation to its door. He has also contributed to forums advising Scottish Government the Northern Irish Government and the European Parliament in Brussels. In Today’s Show We Discuss: How did Nick make his way into the angel ecosystem? Why have we seen such a lack of investment in the energy space from the perspective of angels and VCs? What are the inherent investment barriers that need to be overcome? How has the onboarding process been for Nick in entering the angel environment? What was the biggest shock to Nick in the investment world? How does Nick ensure that his voice is heard as an angel? What makes a good board member and non-exec director? What advice would Nick give to other angels starting out in the ecosystem? What should they look to learn and what should they try and avoid? Learn more about SyndicateRoom:

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