What Is The Difference Between An Institutional Angel Fund & An Angel Network?

Gale Bowman is the founding director of IrishAngels, has grown the group to 150 investors and managed 15 investments totaling over $5.5 million in seed and Series A capital. Her previous work experience includes market research consulting at Nielsen and corporate strategy at Orbitz. She has consulted many startups on customer research, marketing, and funding strategy. Bowman sits on the Board of the C200 Scholars Network and is a member of the Irish Entrepreneurs Network. In Today’s Show We Discuss: How did Gale make her way into the angel ecosystem? What are the fundamental differences between an institutionalised angel fund and a more casual network of angel investors? What are the most common and biggest mistakes Gale sees when it comes to founders approaching the fundraising process? What advice does Gale give most often to new angels to the ecosystem? How do Gale’s return expectations differ from the likes of larger more instituional funds? Learn more about SyndicateRoom: www.syndicateroom.com

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