Another Man's Nostalgia - A 90s and 00s Podcast

S05E05: Wayne's World (1992)

av Another Man's Nostalgia - A 90s and 00s Podcast | Publicerades 2/18/2020

This week on Another Man’s Nostalgia, we watched Wayne's World! So many classic lines! Is it good? Will Justin still enjoy it? What famous line hasn't come from this movie? Push play to find out!   You can watch this episode on YouTube at:   Current Score: John: 32.5 Justin: 26 Chris: 12   Where to reach us: Patreon: Email: Twitter: @anothermanspod Instagram: anothermanspod Facebook: Our theme is royal free music from The song is called Digital Lemonade by Kevin MacLeod

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Every week, we watch a show or movie from the mid-90’s to mid-2000’s that one of us really enjoyed as a child. We dissect these to death and discuss if it’s really as good as we remember. Are you curious about your favorite show or movie? We will take the bullet and tell you how it is!