Talkin’ Sylvaneth | GHB23 | Dawnbringers

I'm joined by Fred Schmidt, spirit of Kurnothi and top performing Sylvaneth player to talk about the new Evergreen Hunt from the Dawnbringers armies of renow, Belthanos, First Thorn Of Kurnoth, their current standing with Generals Handbook 2023 as well as show off a few lists. Games Workshop sent me an early copy of the tome at no cost, however; have no editorial involvement of this video. Grab your copy of Dawnbringers: Book III – The Long Hunt and/or The Blades of Belthanos while supporting the channel by ordering from my affiliate partners; 🛒USA Affiliate: Warpfire Minis: 🛒UK Affiliate: Element Games: ---------------------------------- Support The Channel 🤘Check out to find the links to AoS Coach Discord server, join Patreon, our affiliate partners, merch stores and more. 🙏Thank you Patreons: Christopher Moore, Wsorran, Tom Kunz, Grant Fraser, Robert Reimers, The Die Is Cast, Ian Spayde, David A Blenner, Daniel Chilton, Matthew Houghton, Jeffrey Nijhoff, Richard Pateman, Gobblurrito, Richard Whitlock, Steve Ptacek, Fungoid Cave Dwarf, Trevor Williams ,Carl Woodthorpe, Tanya Scheibe, Sean Seyer, Pete Brizio, Jonathan Ensor, Daniel Worthington, Bulldoghammer, Nolan Larocque, Radiationriley, Nick Pilgrim, Gareth, Josh Wildhorn, Jan Tomecek, Christian Martin, Melody Windwright, Ginginlime, Elijah, Donny Rongo, William Cleven, Michiel, Stormlight, Haz1079, Forkhandles30, Russ Tanner, W4rmachine7, KP, Aiden Nicol, James Marsden, John Daly, Alderaanshotfirst, Adam Haikal, James Kater, Keegan Graves, William Winters, Matthew, Holyspacegoblin, Neil Addleman, Ryan Muskopf, Madcap Mycool, Woehammer, Il Maestro, John Montoya, David Mounfield, Ryan Mcnally, Madigan Mason, Sage, Andy C, Damen Deleenheer, Ll, Dale Ironwood, Gruuk, George Bellwood, Pyrrhus, Mike Halligan, Mark Murphy, Broken Chef, Anhad Narula, Charsh, Crispin Walker-Buckton 🙏Thank you YouTube Members: Bill Castello, Zach Pfeifer, Matt Morris, Thor2754, Grumdy, Lo Anthony, Awijntje14, David Czarnecki, Matt Kowalyk, Nivalen, B Davis, Hanna Leppänen, Madduck Mcryan, Level Up With The Lees, Broken Chef, Alec Boyle, Darrel Baxter, Jericho Zamesa, Chaos_Discordia Hammer Of War, Pig Cat, Nick Garcia ---------------------------------- Timestamp 00:00:00 - Introduction 00:42:52 - Belthanos First Thorn Of Kurnoth 01:03:09 - Evergreen Hunt 01:56:38 - Generals Handbook 2023 02:30:38 - List Discussion 02:48:55 - Closing Thoughts 02:59:13 - Patreonage Thanks ---------------------------------- MUSIC CREDIT Music: Banger by Alexander Nakarada ( Licensed under Creative Commons BY Attribution 4.0 License

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