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Meet Benni Mack Part 1, TYPO3 Project Lead, Germany

av Application: The TYPO3 Community Podcast | Publicerades 2/24/2021

Benni Mack has been working with TYPO3 since 2007, and he’s currently the TYPO3 Core Development Lead. He also co-founded b13, based in Stuttgart, Germany, which builds web-based solutions for customers around the world using open source technologies like TYPO3.Read the full post and transcript on Listen and subscribe to the Application PodcastiTunes: Google Podcasts: RSS feed: ---------------------------------------------------------------LET’S CONNECT !Twitter: the TYPO3 Project: Find official TYPO3 partners, support offerings, and more at YOU:TYPO3 Association for sponsoring this podcast: and Stefanie Kreuzer for our logo: Gaumond for our wonderful theme music:

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