Application: The TYPO3 Community Podcast

Meet Felicity Brand: TYPO3 Guidebook Author, Australia

av Application: The TYPO3 Community Podcast | Publicerades 1/12/2021

Join Jeffrey A. McGuire as he chats with Felicity Brand about her background in technical writing, how technical writing is a structured creative process and her experience in joining the TYPO3 community. This is a special edition of the Application podcast: Felicity has spent more than the last year on a project for and with the TYPO3 community creating the TYPO3 guidebook and that's coming out from Apress in January 2021. We get to explore the book, how it came into being and how this led Felicity into giving back to the TYPO3 community. Read the full post and transcript on and subscribe to the Application Podcast on iTunes:’S CONNECT Twitter: the TYPO3 Project: Find official TYPO3 partners, support offerings, and more at YOU:TYPO3 Association for sponsoring this podcast: and Stefanie Kreuzer for our logo: Gaumond for our wonderful theme music:

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