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Meet Patrick Gaumond, Technical Lead of Qué, Canada

av Application: The TYPO3 Community Podcast | Publicerades 2/5/2021

Meet Patrick Gaumond, Technical Lead of Qué, the government website of the French-speaking Canadian province and the entire population’s official source for Covid-19-related information. During the pandemic, the site’s been handling a million or more hits a day with no downtime at all. Patrick has been proudly flying the TYPO3 flag since 2003, and today we talk about why he's chosen to stay with it all this time.Read the full post and transcript on and subscribe to the Application Podcast on iTunes:’S CONNECT Twitter: the TYPO3 Project: Find official TYPO3 partners, support offerings, and more at YOU:TYPO3 Association for sponsoring this podcast: and Stefanie Kreuzer for our logo: Gaumond for our wonderful theme music:

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