Application: The TYPO3 Community Podcast

Meet Sybille Peters, TYPO3 Documentation Contributor, Germany

av Application: The TYPO3 Community Podcast | Publicerades 3/25/2021

Today we speak with Sybille Peters, a Germany-based developer who’s responsible for the web presence at the University of Oldenburg. She is also very active on the TYPO3 Community Documentation Team. We talk about the joys of open source contribution and collaboration in the TYPO3 community, and her favorite features TYPO3 has to offer.Read the full post and transcript here.Listen and subscribe to the Application Podcast on:iTunes SpotifyGoogle PodcastsBuzzsprout RSS feed---------------------------------------------------------------LET’S CONNECT TwitterFacebookInstagramMeet the TYPO3 Project.Find official TYPO3 partners, support offerings, and more here.---------------------------------------------------------------THANK YOU TO:The TYPO3 Association for sponsoring this podcastb13 and Stefanie Kreuzer for our logoPatrick Gaumond for our wonderful theme music

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