Are We Bored Yet?

20 – Story Starters 05 – The Switch

av Are We Bored Yet? | Publicerades 11/9/2018

Max Bloomfield is a genius inventor. In his parents basement sits his prized creation ready to be tested. On this episode of Are We Bored Yet? we continue our Story Starters series with episode 5 called, The Switch. Listen in to the first part of the adventure and then share how you think the rest of the show should go. Check out out other kids podcast episodes and be sure to let us know what you think of the show.

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Put down the iPad's and digital screens and join host Aaron Robbins for some trivia about your favorite theme parks, movies, video games, cartoons and other pop culture fun. Are We Bored Yet? is fun and family friendly podcast for anyone who's ever wondered what school on Jupiter might be like or how much the biggest peanut butter and jelly sandwich weighed. These and other fine questions on the Are We Bored Yet podcast.