Ep 8: The Art of Branding: How to see potential and turn it into a rewarding business with Russ Hughes

Today on the show we have Russ Hughes. Russ is a Branding and Marketing expert, Author, Podcaster and the creator of the brilliant Pro Tools Expert and Production Expert blogs which have millions of readers each year. I have admired Russ's work for a very long time and have been an avid reader of the Production Expert blogs for over a decade. Russ has also recently released a book called "The book dad told me not to write" and it's filled with beautiful and inspiring quotes that Russ has picked up over his life as well as so much brilliant advice.We dive into a wide array of topics in this conversation like seeing potential, branding, storytelling, how to navigate negative self talk, self worth, the influence of British culture, therapy and so much more.Russ is a master of pulling out quotes left right and centre and im sure you will all gain so much from this episode. Also shout out to our sponsors @rabbitislandcoffee for fueling us with their amazing coffee! Shout out to @taylahmusicnz as well for letting us use her song “Okay” as the theme song for the podcast!

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