Ep 7: The Art of Patience: How slowing down in a busy world can create happiness and meaning with Nathalie Bolt

Today on the show we have the amazing Actress, Director and Producer Nathalie Boltt who you may know from the hugely successful Netflix show Riverdale who played the incredibly loved Villain “Penelope Blossom”. Natalie spends her time between Vancouver and New Zealand has also worked on films like District 9, TV shows like Riverdale, The chilling adventures of Sabrina and many other incredible films and shows. Nathalie not only wears multiple hats in the film and tv world but is also an advocate for animal welfare and climate change and is an extremely present and inspiring human who i’ve had the privilege of working with on multiple projects. This conversation was one that was the kind of conversation that I really wanted this podcast to be like when I first started this show. I wanted the show to be less of a question and answer session and more of a naturally evolving conversation. As soon as we connected on zoom we started chatting and never actually formally started so as you will hear; the conversation ebbs and flows in a beautiful and natural way. It was such a privedlge having Nathalie on and I know you will all find here wisdom and insights incredibly inspiring. Also shout out to our sponsors @rabbitislandcoffee for fueling us with their amazing coffee! Shout out to @taylahmusicnz as well for letting us use her song “Okay” as the theme song for the podcast!

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