Ep 1: The Art of Introductions: Why this podcast exists with Toby Lloyd

In our first episode of the Art and Being Podcast, our host Toby Lloyd introduces himself and gives a little bit of history into what was the catalyst for this podcast, what kind of guests we will be talking to and what we will be talking about. This podcast is a platform for big ideas and will hopefully be a pond of inspiration for you to bathe in!   Big thanks to Taylah for letting us use her song "Okay" that we Produced as the theme song to the podcast. Taylah is such an amazing artist and you can find all of her music on all your favourite streaming platforms.   Also thanks to the sponsor of this episode "Rabbit Island Coffee Co." who make probably the best coffee in New Zealand!

Om Podcasten

Conversations that exist at the crossroads of Creativity and Being. Hosted by Music Producer Toby Lloyd from Tiny Triumph Recordings, each week we bring in experts of all walks of life to talk about their experience, their lives and the intersections of creativity and the human experience. We talk to Olympic Athletes, Award winning Musicians, Composers and Film Makers, Meditation and Mindfulness Coaches, Psychedelic Music Therapists and so many more. If its about Creativity or what it is to be human, then you’ll find it here on the Art and Being Podcast.