Ep 4: The Art of Psychedelics: How to have safe and profound psychedelic journeys with Michael Sutherland

Today on the show we chat with Michael Sutherland who is an expert in Psychedelic Music Therapy.  Michael has spent his last few years studying music composition for the use in psychedelic music therapy sessions. He recently released a 6 hour guided meditation soundtrack that was carefully curated to guide people through psilocybin mushroom trips.  Michael is such a wealth of knowledge on the subject of Psychedelics and has such a great story and im sure so many of you will have a lot of profound takeaways from this conversation with him. You can check out his work at https://www.sutherlandsounds.com/ Thanks to our sponsors @rabbitislandcoffee for fueling us with their amazing coffee and thanks to @taylahmusicnz for letting us use her song “Okay” on the show!Disclaimer: We accidentally called Michael an "Expert in Psychedelic Music Therapy" however Michael's expertise is in Creating Music for Psychedelic Music Therapy. He is not a licensed therapist and our apologies for the mistake.

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