Ep 5: The Art of Sonic Storytelling: How to channel the environment and create emotive art with Arli Liberman

Today on the show we have the Award Winning Film Composer, Musician and Artist Arli Liberman.Arli is widely known for his amazing work in film composing features such as Stylebender, Ka Whawhai Tonu, Valerie and Savage (Which he won the Silverscroll for best score with). He is also an incredibly accomplished musician and artist playing festivals all around the world and was the guitarist in the White Flag Project which was the worlds first Palestinian/Israel crossover band that saw him playing shows in Russia and all through Europe.His story is so captivating and moving and he talks us through his incredible life story that takes us from growing up in Israel to leaving home as a young teenager and pursuing music full time right through to winning awards as a composer. He is a living breathing expression of art and we couldn't think of anyone better to have on our show.You can check out his work here:https://www.arlimusic.com/Also special thanks to our sponsors Rabbit Island Coffee that make probably the best coffee in Aotearoa and to Taylah for letting us use her song "Okay" in the show.

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