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Fiona Abicare on the adventures of mediums

av Art Guide Australia Podcast | Publicerades 3/8/2019

The contexts that Fiona Abicare has worked within are plentiful: the Golden Age of Hollywood, the shabby chic aesthetic and objects of mass culture, just to name a few. Working with locations such as window shop fronts and gallery settings, the Melbourne-based artist’s work explores the cultural and personal associations and histories we have with various sites, objects and historical periods; creating works that blend art, design, architecture, film and fashion. As Fiona explains in the podcast, she works at the junction between contemporary art and interiors, always creating directly in relation to a certain site or context. “The site dictates the approach, [which] dictates the medium, the subject and the starting point,” she says. “I’m not a studio-based artist that goes to the studio every day and does continuous making. I do projects.” Fiona discusses how she explore various historical periods and aesthetic styles, the familial and personal resonance in her work, the experience of working as a technician for other well-known artists, and the current cultural climate in the Australian arts. See more at Art Guide online: Podcast produced by Tiarney Miekus. Engineered by Mino Peric. Soundtrack by Jesse Warren.

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