Episode #100: Bits of "Breaking Barriers": Lucia and Elena Anguissola (Season 12, Episode 1)

For this season of ArtCurious, I’m doing something a little bit different. I’m treating you to renditions of eight of my favorite segments from Breaking Barriers: Women Artists of Renaissance Europe, my online course found exclusively at avid.fm. Every other week through January, I’ll share selections from Breaking Barriers, and encourage you that if you like it, you can purchase the whole course. Today, I’m sharing a story about the family of one of the most well-known female artists of the Renaissance. You might know a bit about Sofonisba Anguissola--but how much do you know about her sister, Lucia? And how about another Anguissola daughter? From Breaking Barriers: Women of Renaissance Europe, please enjoy “Lucia Anguissola (and Elena Anguissola): In Their Sister’s Footsteps.” Please SUBSCRIBE and REVIEW our show on Apple Podcasts and FOLLOW on Spotify Instagram / Facebook / YouTube SPONSORS: Indeed: only pay for quality applications from resumes in Indeed’s database matching your job description. Issuu: sign up for an annual premium account and get 50% off when you use promo code ARTCURIOUS Canvasprints.com: Get 25% off of your entire order of canvas prints, canvas wall displays, metal prints, photo tiles, photo blankets and pillows, and much more when you use code ARTCURIOUS25 Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices

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