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Episode 7: Blake Gore

Miniature artist BLAKE GORE exemplifies the old adage: “less is more.” Favoring .15 millimeter nib Pigma Micron pens, Blake creates tiny masterpieces on 2-inch squares — and smaller. Originally from Mississippi but now claiming Virginia as home, Blake discovered his “tiny” expertise a few years ago through consistent repetition and infinite curiosity.  Serving as a career consultant by day, Blake explains how constraints can be a powerful tool to enhance creativity.  As Blake shares: “There’s just so much to do in a square inch.” This episode is a teeny  bit longer than most, but Blake shares a lot of sage advice for anyone contemplating a career change or shift in your art practice. Think of it as free career counseling.  Find Blake: Website: Instagram: blakegore  Mentioned:Pigma Micron .003 pen (try) Big Magic, Elizabeth Gilbert (read) Design Thinking (watch)  Design Your Life, Bill Burnett (read) Graphic facilitator, great example Sunni Brown (see) Alphonso Dunn (See  /  Watch  )Find Me, Kristy Darnell Battani: Website: Instagram:  kristybattaniart Facebook:  kristybattaniart Did you enjoy hearing about Blake's plunge? If so, please take a moment to leave a rating and a comment:  Music:"Surf Guitar Madness," Alexis Messier, Licensed by PremiumBeat.comSupport the show (

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