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51: On-Air Counseling Session | Mental and Emotional Wellness

av As For Me And My House | Publicerades 4/9/2020

As we wrap up this series on mental and emotional wellness, we’ve decided in this episode to do something a bit different.  For the past few months now, we’ve been seeing a Christian counselor together.  She’s spectacular!  So we thought to invite her on the show to give you all a peek behind the curtain about what it's like to attend a counseling session.  Laurie shares insights ranging from her work military veterans to young married couples.  Join as we’ll even take you live into the inner workings of an actual counseling session with us, and our hope is that you see there's nothing scary, silly, or shameful about it at all! Follow us on IG! @asformeandmyhousepodcast ( @milenaciciotti  ( @jordanciciotti ( Find all of our notes from this week’s episode in our IG stories! And share us on your IG stories for a chance to win coffee on us this week!  Subscribe ( to Milena’s YouTube Channel   Join our Facebook Group: As for me and my house podcast (   A loving environment to talk all things podcast, share prayer requests and praise reports! This is a place where we can build a community beyond a weekly podcast episode Be a part of releasing children from poverty in Jesus’ name at  ( Check out additional resources on this topic at our Amazon Storefront ( Get connected with a licensed professional counselor online today at Visit to get 2 free months of premium membership and access to thousands of classes for free. Visit clearly and get 20% off your new Clearly Filtered system with code HOUSE at checkout.

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