Prison Guards have never been hurt by false accusations. If your innocent what do you have to fear?

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I hear it all the time. If you didn't do it you have nothing to fear. True, but... How many times have you been accused of something you never did? I have been investigated dozens of times for things I did not do. Inmates make stuff up to get rid of officers who are good at keeping things under control. It is policy not to take any action against a prisoner who is proven false. Try that at your local police station. Make up a crime, say you witnessed and say your neighbor did it. When the Cops find out you made it all up, think they will give you a candy bar and send you home? They will in prison. --- Support this podcast:

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I was a guard at the federal Supermax prison that replaced Alcatraz, USP Marion. I guarded the worst of the worst of America's criminals. Spies, serial killers, Mafia Dons, Bank Robbers and Child Molesters, Machine gun killers. The cream of America's sewers. See my youtube channel asthekeyturns.