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T.D. Bingham, Part I of II.

av As The Key Turns | Publicerades 10/29/2018

One of the most powerful living members of the Aryan Brotherhood today. Leader of the racist violent prison gang who love Hitler and hates gays, who orders the death of African Americans because they are not white, is part Jewish and has a black lover. Talk about do what I say not what I do. This is two parts, listen to both to get the whole story of this unusual man. --- Support this podcast:

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I was a guard at the federal Supermax prison that replaced Alcatraz, USP Marion. I guarded the worst of the worst of America's criminals. Spies, serial killers, Mafia Dons, Bank Robbers and Child Molesters, Machine gun killers. The cream of America's sewers. See my youtube channel asthekeyturns.