Terry Lee Green, killer serving 2 consecutive life sentences plus 80 years

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Avsnittet publicerades: 3/30/2019


Terry Lee Green. A prisoner from the state of Wyoming serving his time in the Supermax federal prison in Colorado. I once had a fight with him in it. He assaulted 20 federal prison guards, was shot in the crotch with an anti riot gun and still almost escaped the cell block. Imagine that guy and his gang of murdering cut throats finding you broken down on a lonely stretch of road after midnight. That is exactly what happened to a school teacher and his elderly mother. This is a true story taken from the official records and the memory of a prison guard. The scary part is that this is not fiction. Warning this story is about real life, murder, rape and torture. You have been warned!

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I was a guard at the federal Supermax prison that replaced Alcatraz, USP Marion. I guarded the worst of the worst of America's criminals. Spies, serial killers, Mafia Dons, Bank Robbers and Child Molesters, Machine gun killers. The cream of America's sewers. See my youtube channel asthekeyturns.