Ask an Artist - Open Studios part one

Refreshed and back from their brief break Peter and Laura are both taking part in Bucks Art Weeks during June.  Local Art Weeks, or Open Studios events are one of the best ways to start interacting with the public.  Whilst the exact format differs depending on where you are they offer an opportunity to be part of a larger event and for you to benefit from the marketing and advice that the organisers supply.  Laura and Peter have been involved in the Buckinghamshire event for quite a few years and both of them are enthusiastic advocates for the concept.For anyone listening in early June 2021, both Laura and Peter will be opening their studios over the  2 weeks starting 12th June as part of Bucks Art Weeks: for details of opening days and times.  Bucks Art Weeks is the open studios event for artists and makers in Buskinghamshire, just to the north west of London, England

Om Podcasten

Professional artists Peter Keegan and Tom Shepherd discuss the practical issues of making art your career. Drawing on their own experiences they offer candid advice for artists who want to make a living from their work. Peter is a portrait painter working predominantly to commission for both private and public clients and he also teaches in-person and online. Tom is a watercolour artist with a passion for wildlife and conservation and he also teaches in-person and online. Both Tom and Peter treat their art as a business, always practicing what they preach!Throughout season 1 and 2, renowned printmaker, Laura Boswell was the co-host. Laura is a printmaker working in Linocut and Japanese woodblock, with work is in several public collections. She writes a monthly advice column for Artists and Illustrators Magazine.