Ask an Artist - Residencies and being an Artist in Residence

Many professional artists take on residencies as a way to learn new skills, develop ideas, collaborate with other artists or to create a specific outcome.  Laura and Peter have both done this and today's episode looks at their personal experiences and at some of the things you need to consider if you fancy applying for a residency somewhere - or creating your own.

Om Podcasten

Professional artists Peter Keegan and Tom Shepherd discuss the practical issues of making art your career. Drawing on their own experiences they offer candid advice for artists who want to make a living from their work. Peter is a portrait painter working predominantly to commission for both private and public clients and he also teaches in-person and online. Tom is a watercolour artist with a passion for wildlife and conservation and he also teaches in-person and online. Both Tom and Peter treat their art as a business, always practicing what they preach!Throughout season 1 and 2, renowned printmaker, Laura Boswell was the co-host. Laura is a printmaker working in Linocut and Japanese woodblock, with work is in several public collections. She writes a monthly advice column for Artists and Illustrators Magazine.