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Creating personality for your Actions - Episode 04

av Assistant On Air | Publicerades 1/21/2020

Does your action stand out? Every Action has a persona or character. In this episode of Assistant on Air, host Jessica Dene Early Cha and guest Wally Brill discuss why it's important to design with persona and how to bring it to life.

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In 2019, we started a YouTube series called Assistant on Air where we sat down to chat with people who build for Google Assistant. The goal was to have conversations about our guest’s insights and learnings from their experiences building voice actions. Each episode is focused on a different topic or theme like ways to build a voice application, how to build for smart home, reaching users, connecting with the community, conversational design, and so much more. Help support this podcast by giving it a rating on the platform and share it with others who are interested in the voice space to help spread the word. #AoGDevs