Söndagar Astrology and You

Q&A: Different Approaches to Astrology, Progressed Charts, Jupiter Returns, Cusp Signs and More!

av Astrology and You | Publicerades 6/6/2021

This week Alice and Maxine are answering a few questions from our listeners. They address their different approaches to astrology, basics for reading secondary progressions, the difference between your rising and sun signs, Jupiter returns, what to look at first when reading a birth chart, and whether or not cusps signs even exist. Also included is a Mercury retrograde check in and what to expect with this week's solar eclipse in Gemini. Patreon link: https://www.patreon.com/astrologyandyouStar Sign Candles Discount Code for 10% off: ASTROLOGY10https://starsigncandles.com/

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A weekly astrology podcast hosted by Alice Bell and Maxine Luzía, making astrology practical and relevant for you. Each week Alice and Maxine will cover the current transits, dive into a particular astrology topic, and end with a Q&A from listeners.