PSP 147: Do You Worry if Your Child’s Progress Will Last with their Anxiety or OCD?

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Anxiety and OCD can take its toll. It can be exhausting, overwhelming and traumatizing for the whole family. So, when your child starts to make some big improvements, it’s normal to be worried about how long it will last. It’s normal to doubt the progress. You might ask yourself, “Is this for real? Is this the new normal?” Many of us live waiting for the other shoe to drop. I am TOTALLY guilty of this. Luckily, I have a husband who auto-corrects my anxious mind. I also work everyday to re-frame my catastrophic thinking. In this week’s AT Parenting Survival Podcast, I am talking about how to soak up your child’s success without living in the future of What if’s. *** This podcast is for informational purposes only and should not be used to replace the guidance of a qualified professional. Visit my website at Interested in my AT Parenting Community Membership? Click below to join us! Sign up for my weekly email newsletter: Take one of my online classes: To view the entire online school library, go to: Classes include: How to Crush Social Anxiety Parenting Kids with OCD Crush Moral OCD in Kids Teaching Kids to Crush Anxiety   Helping Kids with Anxiety or OCD Through Difficult Behaviors Helping Kids Who are Scared to Sleep Handling Sensory-Based Anxiety Library of Live Anxiety and OCD Classes (20 hours of class replays) Ultimate list of helpful anxiety products: To join my private Facebook group visit: For a list of my books visit: Join the fun on my YouTube channel: Other social places I hang out: For information regarding your data privacy, visit

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The truth is we are all surviving parenting one day at a time. Add child anxiety or childhood OCD and it can be overwhelming! On The AT Parenting Survival Podcast your host Natasha Daniels will ride the Parental roller coaster with you. She will teach you parenting approaches to help child anxiety and OCD, she’ll give you a new perspective on common parenting problems and will re-invigorate your sparkle for parenting.