Ask the Brink: A quick update

Dear listener,  We wanted to pause in the midst of this series and share our heartfelt thanks with you. This is an important, timely topic, and your engagement and interest is giving us real hope. You have the power to create change and make this world a better, safer place.  We also want to extend an important invitation to you! As you’ve been listening to At the Brink, what are some of the questions about nuclear history, policy, protocols, or disarmament that have crossed your mind? Send them to us at or tweet them to us at @AtTheBrinkPod. We’re going to be launching a new series called “Ask the Brink” where we break down those questions with an expert.  For now, you can visit for behind the scenes photos, links to further informational resources, and action steps you can take to get involved. And last thing: subscribe, rate, and share the show with your friends and family. This support helps us continue creating content for you!

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A podcast about the dangers we face from nuclear weapons, and the stories of those who are fighting to protect us.