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#5 - Going From Chef to Beatmaker w/ Roto

av Audius Artist Podcast | Publicerades 9/17/2019

👨‍🍳Roto 👨‍🍳

Roto’s and up-and-coming beat maker and producer representing Long Beach, California.

This conversation is a great one especially for producers who are in the early stages. There’s a ton of practical lessons and resources here for you all to takeaway.

What’s great about Roto’s story is he’s not someone who has been making beats since he was 4 or a graduate of an elite music school...

He was originally a cook and student of photography and transitioned into music later.
He built from a love for music and taught himself the skills and the knowledge.
Had to manage his mentality and mindset.
Had to network.
Had to learn how to learn.
Practice patience and grind everyday.

And now if you listen to his music, you can hear the years of committed work and focus.

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