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#8 - From the South to LA & "Artist" vs. "Rapper" w/ Kandisha

av Audius Artist Podcast | Publicerades 10/18/2019

For this one, we sat down with Kandisha.

She’s an artist born in Nashville, raised in Atlanta, now pursuing the dream in Los Angeles.

She had just put down an incredible performance at the Area 51 Official After Party at the Audius LA House (shoutout to Adam Golden, Yung Skrrt, Ka5sh) I asked her if she was down for an interview and she was kind enough to say yes!

Self-proclaimed #1 Backstreet Boys fan and clairovoyant Aries.
We talked about her move from the South to LA.
The difference between a rapper and an artist.
And how she feels there’s not enough black people in LA.

A star in the making...

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