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#9 - Taking Beat Cinema From Dive Bars to Coachella w/ Major Gape & DJ DROPDEAD

av Audius Artist Podcast | Publicerades 11/6/2019

In this one, we sat down with Shawn aka Major Gape and Harold aka DJ DROPDEAD, two of the veteran members of the Beat Cinema collective.

We talk about their now 10-year journey. Starting from dive bars to eventually getting their own tent at Coachella. Their perspectives on the LA beat scene. Their favorite Beat Cinema shows. And a lot more.

It’s worth noting that we recorded this at the Beat Cinema 10-Year Anniversary party at the Audius House in LA.

It was a very special event a celebration of Beat Cinema the collective going 10 years strong but, more broadly, the one and only LA beat scene. It pulled together members of the whole community at a time where they’re also celebrating the life of Ras G, a true forefather of the scene.

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