Kylie Minogue – Light Years

Av Aural Fixation

Avsnittet publicerades: 12/11/2019


Does any gay icon better illustrate the Anglo-Australian tapestry of Aural Fixation than Kylie Minogue? Just why it took so long for us to sit down with the Princess of Antipodean Pop is unexplainable and inexcusable, but we’re here now, spinning around, so ploise move out of our way.

Om podcasten

Drew and Andy host Aural Fixation, a fortnightly podcast about music within the queer experience. Each episode, we dissect a different album which might be loved by queers, made by queers, or simply deemed as being queer. It could be an album that we both adore or one that we're discovering together – either way, we have a gay old time while we do it. For over a decade, Drew and Andy had crossed paths at shindigs and soirees across the UK, but when Drew moved down under to Andy's current home of Sydney, a 'frienaissance' and Aural Fixation were both born. This podcast is recorded and produced by two card-carrying queers with a burning passion for aural pursuits, @drew_down_under and @andrewdoyouthinkyouare. You can also follow us at @auralfixationpodcast – and if you like us, please give us a rating and review.