MK-Ultra - Robot Invasion

Dance for your lives, monstrous metal minions are on the loose! The mad scientist MK-Ultra constructs an assembly of upbeat Soulful House that gradually mellows down into somber Deep House. Chainsaws and death rays be damned, let's rock with robotic precision.

This podcast episode features music published by Aus Music, BLC Recordings, Energostatic Records, Green Martian, Piston Recordings, Poker Flat Recordings and others.

  1. MK-Ultra - Bots Gonna Get Down [Intro]
  2. Marquis Hawkes - Jupiter Jam [Original Mix]
  3. Ritz - Edinburgh 1998 [Original Mix]
  4. Kunda - Persiano [Original Mix]
  5. Lotche - LO-112 [Original Mix]
  6. Mr. Fowks - The Soul of the Music [Original Mix]
  7. Discnekt - Betty Soul [Original Mix]
  8. youANDme - Belong [Dub Version]
  9. Paul Kardos - Pandemonium [Original Mix]
  10. Mentality H - Shift Away [Original Mix]
  11. MK-Ultra - Not So Tough Now [Outro]

Om Podcasten

AuralCandy.Net is a House Music podcast hosted by the Finnish DJ duo MK-Ultra & Mesmic with more than three decades of combined experience under their belt. Ever since its establishment in 2008 AuralCandy.Net podcasts have reached tens of thousands of listeners from over 150 countries. AuralCandy.Net collaborates with over 50 record labels such as Bonzai Progressive, Piston Recordings and Monog Records.