Australian Birth Stories

162 | Leah Williams Endometriosis, IVF, Two Births, Antenatal Anxiety and PTSD

av Australian Birth Stories | Publicerades 3/16/2020

 In today’s episode I talk to Leah about her two IVF pregnancies and, in particular, her second birth that resulted in a PTSD diagnosis at six-months postpartum. It’s a pertinent discussion about women’s birth rights and the imperative role of educated and supportive caregivers. As a long-time sufferer of endometriosis, Leah and her husband tried to fall pregnant for two years before they sought the assistance of IVF 

"After trying for so long, I knew when I was ovulating. I did temp tests, cheap tests and expensive tests. I did everything, including acupuncture, but it just didn’t work….I don’t feel like there’s a lot of information that explains why it’s harder to fall pregnant. I’ve had five surgeries and they did the final one three months before the IVF cycle, if there’s adhesions I know that they can prevent conception,” she says.

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