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167 | Gemma Pranita PUPPP, Placental abruption, Caesarean

av Australian Birth Stories | Publicerades 4/6/2020

In today’s episode I chat to Gemma Pranita about her second pregnancy and birth with her baby boy, Iggy. Gemma is the first to admit that pregnancy is not her friend and while she had a challenging time in her first pregnancy (listen to the story in ) her most recent experience brought her to her knees. She was overwhelmed with severe nausea and vomiting till 18 weeks, she then developed early onset PUPPPs rash which resulted in weeks and weeks of severe itching and subsequent sleeplessness and in her third trimester pubic symphysis and pelvic separation made walking very painful.

The start of Gemma’s pregnancy was an entirely different story. With her daughter, Raffaella, she spent close to two years trying to conceive, before she resorted to Intrauterine Insemination IUI (she describes it as a beautiful stepping stone to IVF). Gemma admits that unexplained infertility is a very frustrating journey and not one she would wish upon anyone: “You want to know what the problem is so you can find the solution and when you’re told there’s nothing wrong and you’re just in the waiting zone…you just want to bang your head against the wall.”

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