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169 | Anna McGahan Covid-19 VBAC Induced Midwifery Care

av Australian Birth Stories | Publicerades 4/13/2020

In today’s episode I talk to Anna @annamcgahan about her beautiful VBAC in the midst of Covid-19. She describes her second birth, with daughter Juniper, as a birth of juxtapositions: an induced, drug-free, hospitalised, hypnobirth VBAC. It’s a birth story complete with an incredibly positive induction, strong midwife support, unwavering faith in body and mind and the immense healing of redemptive birth after trauma.


I interviewed Anna about her first birth in episode #61. She talks in detail about her very rare placental abruption at 33weeks which was only discovered when she stopped feeling foetal movements (primary symptoms are pain and bleeding but Anna had neither). Mercy was born via emergency cesarean and stayed in the NICU for weeks before Anna and husband Jonathan took her home.


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