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170 | Aleysha Covid 19 Two Birth Stories

av Australian Birth Stories | Publicerades 4/16/2020

In today’s episode I chat to Aleysha about her two births and, in particular, her drama-filled second birth with baby Jude in the midst of Covid-19. In the days leading up to Jude’s arrival, Aleysha’s husband, a paramedic, had possible exposure to Covid-19 when he transferred a patient. It was only two hours before they had to go to the hospital that they got the all clear for him to attend although there were very strict rules in place. So began a positive and incredibly healing birth experience that was as exciting as it was overwhelming.

Topics include: Reduced foetal movement, placenta, induction, balloon catheter, afterbirth, haemorrhage, PPH, manual removal of placenta, missed miscarriage, Covid-19, coronavirus, hypnobirth

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