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171 | Bonnie Covid 19 Birth Antenatal Depression

av Australian Birth Stories | Publicerades 4/20/2020

In today’s episode I talk to Bonnie, a mother of two and midwifery student who guides us through her experience with antenatal anxiety and depression. With unflinching honesty, she recalls the confusing grief of miscarriage, her battle with exhaustion and nausea in early pregnancy and the subsequent motherguilt of not being able to care for her toddler. As her pregnancy progressed her mental health declined and in the middle of her third trimester her irrational mindset turned to suicidal thoughts. She courageously reached out to her husband, her psychologist and her OB and together they created a plan to carry her safely to her birth which just so happened to take place in the midst of Covid-19.

Bonnie’s story is essential listening for us all and a potent reminder that mental health and wellbeing is an integral part of pregnancy, birth and motherhood. Now, more than ever, we must bolster our online community of mothers with support, empathy and kindness because in this age of coronavirus, with limited antenatal and postpartum support, we’re all a little more vulnerable. If you or someone you know needs help, please reach out to PANDA 1300 726 306


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