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176 | Rusila Two Birth Stories, Inducued Labour, PND, Homebirth

av Australian Birth Stories | Publicerades 5/18/2020

In this week's episode I interview Rusila about her two births - one in hospital and one at home. At 10days overdue with her first baby, she was induced and felt unheard and unsupported when she was in labour. Subsequently, she suffered postnatal depression. Her experience prompted her to investigate a home birth with a private midwife which is exactly what she chose when she fell pregnant with baby Sol. However, at 36weeks her private midwife had to step down for personal reasons and Rusila was given the option to continue with her home birth plans or seek care at the local hospital. It’s always been my intention to share all kinds of pregnancy experiences and births on Australian Birth Stories However, I don’t endorse or encourage the practise of freebirth. If you are interested in homebirth I encourage you to seek the care of a private midwife.

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