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S3: Episode 11: Lorri Unumb, Esq., CEO, Council of Autism Service Providers

av Autism Mastermind | Publicerades 5/13/2021

So wonderful to chat with Lorri, we have so much in common. Our children are similar and share the same birthday just one year apart!  Lorri Unumb is a lawyer, mother of three teenage boys, and an internationally renowned autism advocate. She began her career as an appellate attorney with the United States Department of Justice and then as a full-time law professor. Following her son’s diagnosis with autism, she began volunteering for autism causes, writing ground-breaking autism insurance legislation for South Carolina (“Ryan’s Law”) that passed in 2007 and served as the catalyst for the national movement toward autism insurance reform. She served for a decade as the national head of state government affairs for the international nonprofit Autism Speaks. Lorri is also the founder of the annual Autism Law Summit, now in its 14th year, and is co-author of the law school textbook “Autism and the Law.” In 2010, she founded the Autism Academy of South Carolina, a nonprofit ABA center now known as The Unumb Center for Neurodevelopment. ______________________ Contact us here:   IG, FB, YouTube @autismmastermind  Our New nonprofit website:

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