#169: Raising a Child With a Disability with Kelley Coleman

If you walk away with anything from today’s episode, let it be: It will get better. My guest, Kelley Coleman, is a mother of 2 and wrote the book she desperately needed when it came to navigating the extensive list of diagnoses for her youngest son. We discuss her book, Everything No One Tells You About Parenting a Disabled Child: Your Guide To the Essential Systems, Services, and Supports and the daunting overwhelm that comes with a disability diagnosis.Being a parent or caregiver is difficult enough, but throw in a medical diagnosis, nuerodivergence, and, in Kelley’s case, many comorbidities and more questions than answers and you’ve got a recipe for distress. Kelley talks about how a big win for her family was the support and openness of their pediatrician, but not every provider is this way, and for many families, it can feel like no one is in your corner. If that's you, you will find so many resources and support in this book. As we bring our talk to a close, Kelley ties up her multitude of knowledge and advice into this tip; Get started with something that will bring an easy victory! It is reassuring to see the fruit of your labor. Do the one thing, get the win and keep that system going.Everything No One Tells You About Parenting a Disabled Child: Your Guide To the Essential Systems, Services, and Supports launched on March 12th. You can find it anywhere you buy books and ask your libraries to carry it too so that this amazing advice can reach as many families as possible.#autism #speectherapyWhat’s Inside:The daunting overwhelm that comes with a disability diagnosis.A book to support parents and caregivers.Advice on how to get through tough moments as a caregiver of an individual with disabilities.Mentioned In This Episode:Kelley ColemanJoin the ABA SPEECH Connection Membership

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